Estela Garcia

Estela Garcia (Artist/Educator) is an ensemble member of Rogue Artists Ensemble, and is currently working on their upcoming multi-media production of "Pinocchio". Her first show with the Rogues was "Gogol Project" as Magda the hat maker, since she worked on Hyperbole: Origins as Assistant Director and Movement Coach. She has also worked for The Dell'Arte Company, ARTEL, 24th Street Theatre, Watts Village Theater, Stefanity Productions and The Grand Guignolers. Estela is a versatile actress, teacher and theatre entrepreneur.

Estela is a Los Angeles native. She received her B.A. from UCLA in Chicana/o Studies where she began her career as a mask performer and clown. She then received her MFA for ensemble based physical theatre from Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre. She has also studied mask movement and sculpture in Mexico with Alicia Martinez Alvarez of El Laboratoria de las Mascaras. Performance styles include Mask, Commedia, Melodrama, Tragedy, Clown, Bouffon, Slapstick, Farce and Grand Guignol. Past characters include: Moon Goddess, Russian vixen, prostitute, sailor, accident-prone teenager, rambunctious spinster, crone and beaver. Estela Garcia was honored by the Northwest Committee For Employment of People With Disabilities' "Distinguished Service Award" for her collaboration in creating a workshop and performance piece with people with traumatic brain injury.